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NFCname 1.0

A content plug-in (wdx) for Total Commander which scans file names for at least
partially not being in the NFC Unicode normalization form, which is the preferred form on Windows.
Additionally you can return the normalized file name, so that you're able
to use TC's MRT (Multi-Rename tool) to transform all names to the NFC form.
You can also do the reverse: return all names in NFD form, or the OS X variant of NFD.

Why is this necessary?
Some systems (especially OS X due to HFS+) might use NFD or some other Normalization forms,
which can complicate file sync and name uniqueness.
This might also happen if you download some files from the Web, where the suggested
file names result e.g. from the Title of HTML files (in case of consisting of such composable

Категория: Контентные плагины
Статус: Freeware
Автор: milo1012
Добавлен: 4.03.2015
Обновлен: 27.04.2015
Количество скачиваний: 1394

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