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Startups 0.4.0

Startups is a file-system plugin that can list, disable, analyze, edit and delete system startups that are located in the Registry or Start Menu.

- List system startups that are located in the Registry (HKCU, HKLM in Run and RunOnce, respectively) and Start Menu folders (All Users and current user)
- Disable startups so they don't start automatically, but can easily be re-enabled
- Run startups manually on request
- Delete startups

Advanced Features:
- Manage startups in 32 and 64 bit Registry branches on 64 bit Windows
- Show correct executable information in the file list of Total Commander (32 bit) on Windows 64 bit, i.e. file date/time and sizes
- Show information about the executable like file size, company name, file version, description and so on
- Edit startups, e.g. command line parameters, name etc.
- Ability to show startups with the same name in different locations as each startup will have a unique name.
- Copy or move startups to a different location, even across Registry and Start Menu (with some limitations)
- Unicode capable
- 64 Bit version to use in Total Commander x64
- Translation to other languages possible (Danish, English, German and Russian included in the package)
- Support for custom columns (default view available)
- View and edit properties specific to Start Menu shortcuts like comments and window state
- Check if a startup is currently running, with matching process names and matching command lines
- Jump to the startup's executable with Enter and/or Shift+Enter

System Requirements
- Windows 2000 or later, both 32 and 64 bit
- Total Commander 7.50 or later, both 32 and 64 bit

Категория: Системные плагины
Статус: Freeware
Автор: Dalai
Добавлен: 28.06.2015
Обновлен: 20.11.2015
Количество скачиваний: 14542


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