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Download Torrent 2.0

Download torrents TRANSPARENTLY!

This button will allow you to select a torrent file and download it without actually opening the application or clicking on anything. By default, it will download the torrent to a folder with the same name of the torrent file at the same location (make sure you have permission to write there). If you want to move, rename or delete the content you downloaded, be aware that it may be locked for a few seconds while the download finishes and the program closes.

For the 64-bit version, just download the file below, uncompress it and set up your button as follows:

Command: "Path_to_this_utility\torrent.bat"
Parameters: %P%N
Run minimized: check
Icon file: "Path_to_this_utility\qbittorrent.exe"

Check the screenshot below.

This utility uses qBittorrent behind the scenes. qBittorrent is a small free, open-source BitTorrent client.
qBittorrent supports running as a portable application. In addition to set it up as a portable app, there are some settings that need to be configured to automate everything plus a batch script to be used to run it. If you wish to do it personally instead of downloading the package available here, following the instructions here: https://gitlab.com/pplupo/total-commander#download-torrents-with-qbittorrent

Please report any issues at https://gitlab.com/pplupo/total-commander
For more information, please visit https://gitlab.com/pplupo/total-commander/-/blob/master/README.md#download-torrents-with-qbittorrent

Категория: Утилиты
Статус: Freeware
Автор: Peter Lupo
Добавлен: 19.05.2021
Обновлен: 19.05.2021
Количество скачиваний: 3

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