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TC Language Bar 1.19

Languagebar v. 1.19 for Total Commander 11.02

This buttonbar is mostly meant as an easy way for testers to switch
between different languages for Total Commander, and to have all current
available languages at their disposal.

The languagebar files are installed like any other Total Commander
addon, by double-clicking on the .zip file.

After installation just drag the file:
to Total Commanders buttonbar.

When clicking on the new button, a small menu bar opens up. You can
either have the Languages bar shown as a new Buttonbar by clicking the
first button, or you can have it shown as a Menu by clicking the second

The Return button in the Language buttonbar takes you back to Total
Commanders default.bar - if you are not using this file for your default
buttonbar, then edit line 4 in the the Language.bar file to point to
your default buttonbar.

There are two blank buttons meant for your custom Language/Menu file or
just your custom Menu file. You have to edit the Parameters field of
those two buttons to point to your actual files (change XXX).

The Languages button bar comes with all currently available languages
for Total Commander. Some of the languages are not (yet) updated to
version 11.00 of Total Commander - those languages are marked with an
asterisk (*).

All the languages are installed and opened from the Language\Extra
folder in Total Commanders program directory. Therefore they do not
show up in Total Commanders Language configuration dialog - unless the
same language file exists in Total Commanders Language directory. If
the language does not exist in the Language directory then "English"
will be marked as the current language.

The "Main menu file" field will show the correct path to the chosen .mnu
file in %COMMANDER_PATH%\Language\Extra\ though - hence give you a clue
that it is not the language file in the Language directory that is used,
but the one in the Language\Extra directory.

I have made it this way, to not interfere with the users present
language files, and to make it easy to "uninstall" the addon again.
Also you don't need to have installed the extra languages when you
originally installed Total Commander - they come with the Languagebar

To "uninstall" - just delete the %COMMANDER_PATH%\Language\Extra\
directory and delete the button in your buttonbar.

I have had to fix a single error in the file wcmd_mk.lng to make
it work correctly - otherwise all files are as they come from

Discussion and new releases:

Категория: Языковые файлы и меню
Статус: Freeware
Автор: Peter H. S. Madsen (petermad)
Добавлен: 28.03.2020
Обновлен: 11.11.2023
Количество скачиваний: 4394

TC Language Bar

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