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RegXtract 1.6

This is a Packer plug-in that searches file content with Regular Expressions and extracts the search results to an output file.

So what's the deal?
While you might find it useful to know that a particular search string exists in a file and of course where exactly in the file it can be found,
it is in some situations even more useful to save all resulting strings to work with these.
For example, if you want to extract all URLs from a HTML file (<a href="URL"...),
you can do a Regular Expression search with a lot of editors and tools quite easy, but saving the results is often a pain,
especially if you have a lot of results and/or a lot of files to search.

This plug-in helps you to do this quite easy.
Just type the Regular Expression, optionally a detailed Replacement String which can reference subgroups from the Expression.
Additionally you have a full Search and Replace mode and you can use the plug-in for visualizing Regular Expressions results.

- Searching in most Unicode files, not just plain ANSI and binary
- Using any Regular Expression that are valid for the built-in PCRE library, which is in most points compatible with the Perl syntax and features
- Using up to 99 subgroups (for the replacement string): $1 - $99 and $0 (the whole expression), plus any desired text, single bytes, current result number, filename
- Unicode file names and Unicode Regular Expressions and replacement strings
- Long file names (path > 259 characters) usable
- Search and Replace strings - output file becomes input file with replaced strings/bytes - now also works for Unicode files!
- Suppress duplicate results - only first occurrence of individual strings issued
- Output file names and line numbers from which each search results originates (line mode)
- Save and load presets
- "Misuse" the program to merge/combine files (in input sequence) with additional replacement
- "Misuse" the program to remove or add BOM from an UTF-8 file, or to convert UTF-16 or ANSI files to UTF-8
- Visualizing Regular Expressions results by typing a test string
- On-the-fly RegEx error check

Категория: Архиваторные плагины
Статус: freeware
Автор: milo1012
Добавлен: 25.11.2013
Обновлен: 3.10.2014
Количество скачиваний: 17933



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