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Java Plugin Interface 64 bits 2.3

This Interface makes it possible to write Total Commander plugins (WLX and WFX, WDX and WCX) in Java.
The original Java Plugin is Copyright (C) 2006-2007 Ken Handel: he also provided a lot of java plugin examples for any kind: lister, packer, file system and content, now updated to 64-bit.

However the developer abandoned the project in 2007 (now is 2021), and he has been unreachable since then (some people tried to reach him long ago). 64-bit versions of this plugin were no available, because as said the project was abandoned in 2007 and 64-bit tcmd came around 2011. That makes it unusable for most people, nowadays using 64-bit TC.

As the license allows so, we have undertaken the project; special thanks to Ghisler (author of TC) for recompiling the dll. you can see the thread discussing it in the TC forum

If you want to check plugins developed with this interface, take a look at DiskDirCrc or Java Decompiler. You can find a list with more than 20 example plugins developed in Java at https://github.com/moisescastellano/tcmd-java-plugin/blob/main/examples_64bit.md.

Further information at the GitHub project for this plugin.

Категория: Разработчикам
Статус: Open-Source
Автор: Moises Castellano
Добавлен: 14.12.2021
Обновлен: 14.01.2022
Количество скачиваний: 828

Java Plugin Interface 64 bits

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