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Thousand Types (packer plugin version) 1.0

Have you ever being checking what's inside of a lot of documents such as PDFs or .doc files,
spending a lot of time waiting for a new Acrobat Reader, MS-Word or Whatever-program to open, just to close it and continuing the process?

Have you ever wondered what a particular file contained and wanted to take a look at its contents, not having the associated application to open it?

This plugin allows TC to show a very quick text preview of almost every file format. It comes in two flavors: packer and lister plugin.

The Thousand Types packer plugin

Packer plugin allows Total Commander to **very quickly** "enter" (ctrl + pgDown) docs as if they were archives or folders.
In that "simulated folder" you can see at a glance:
- a plain-text preview (or whole contents) of the document, that you can then view (F3) or extract (F5)
- document metadata: author, version, creator tool...
- first lines preview of the contents shown as file names, so that you dont even have to open any file in the folder

This info is shown as file names, so that you can have a very quick preview, and then if needed extract to a file or view the complete document's metadata or contents.

The Thousand Types lister plugin (coming soon)

Lister plugin shows (F3) the text of the document in the integrated Total Commander Lister, even if you dont have the corresponding appplication.

Категория: Архиваторные плагины
Статус: Open-Source
Автор: Moises Castellano
Добавлен: 25.01.2022
Обновлен: 25.01.2022
Количество скачиваний: 3157

Thousand Types (packer plugin version)

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