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Extended English Menus for TC 10.51 32bit - Windows XP 32bit version 10.51


wcmd_winxp_1_eng.mnu and wcmd_winxp_2_eng.mnu are alternative menus for TC that
includes almost all the internal commands that it makes sense to use in the
menu. Includes among others separate menu items for "Filter", "Navigate",
"Focus", "Lister", "Tabs", "FTP", "Folders" and "Misc.". Furthermore there is
a "Windows XP" menu item that holds most programs installed with Windows XP
and an extended "Help" menu item with links to Total Commander related web

wcmd_winxp_1_eng.mnu has a single "View" menu which is common to both file panels.
wcmd_winxp_2_eng.mnu has separate "Left" and "Right" menus (like Norton Commander).

wcmd_winxp_1_eng.lng and wcmd_winxp_2_eng.lng are (almost) identical to TC's
internal dialog, and the use of these two files makes it easy to change
language and menu at the same time with just one click - simply just choose
"English with Extended Menu I for TC 10.51 32bit under Windows XP 32bit" or
"English with Extended Menu II for TC 10.51 32bit under Windows XP 32bit" in the
language dialog.

wcmd_winxp_1_eng.inc and wcmd_winxp_2_eng.inc are slightly improved versions of
the original commands descriptions.

wcmd_winxp_1_eng.ini and wcmd_winxp_2_eng.ini are user command files which are
necessary for the user commands in the "Windows XP" and "Help" menu entries
among others.

wcmd_winxp_eng\*.bar is a folder with a series of button bars with the same
programs as the "Windows XP" menu item together with a button bar that shows
all the internal commands that has an icon in the wcmicons.dll file. You can
switch between the button bars using the menu item "Windows XP".

wcmd_winxp_eng.zip is a self installing archive containing several Addons for
Total Commander:

1: Extended Icon Set for TC (with 48x48 icons) (wcmicon_winxp.dll,
2: Old Style Help for TC (totalcmd.hlp).
3: Dark Help (totalcmddark.chm, wcmd_deudark.chm).
4: English Standalone Lister (lister.exe, lister.exe.manifest).
5: Extended File Comments for TC (descript.ion).
6: Folder Icon for TC (desktop.ini). Write protect TC's program folder to see
the icon.
7: Official English language files (wcmd_eng.lng, wcmd_eng.mnu and

You can install this package from the Menu: "Help" -> "Install Addons for
Total Commander". If the files already exists, you will be asked whether
you want to overwrite them.

Категория: Языковые файлы и меню
Статус: Freeware
Автор: Peter H. S. Madsen (petermad)
Добавлен: 25.11.2016
Обновлен: 2.09.2022
Количество скачиваний: 3582

Extended English Menus for TC 10.51 32bit - Windows XP 32bit version


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