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CVSBrowser 1.2.0

CVSBrowser is a Total Commander File System Plugin to browse a CVS repository.

* Provides the standard browsing features for Total Commander file systems
* Allows viewing of CVS Log information on directory or file level
* Allows viewing/opening/comparing of different file revisions and the current working file with the repository file
* Allows viewing of any file from the CVS repository
* Allows revision graph representation of working file
* Allows checkout of files or modules to a local file system
* Allows to create local file system CVS repositories
* Allows to add new folders and files to CVS repositories
* Allows to remove files from CVS repositories
* Allows to commit changed files to CVS repositories
* Allows to add or remove tags (symbolic names) from CVS repositories
* Different sets of repositories can be configured separately
4484 KB - Автор: Alex Mayor - Обновлен: 23.11.2005 - x32 - Количество скачиваний: 27847

CVSBrowser_1.0.4.zip 1.0.4

843 KB - Автор: Alex Mayor - Обновлен: 11.08.2005 - x32 - Количество скачиваний: 14283

CVSBrowser_1.0.3.zip 1.0.3

797 KB - Автор: Alex Mayor - Обновлен: 10.08.2005 - x32 - Количество скачиваний: 8158


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