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Plugin to extract/view/create CBM (Commodore Business Machines) disk images

Currently the following disk image formats are supported:
-D64 (Commodore 64 1541 disk image)
-D71 (1571 images)
-D80 (8050 images)
-D81 (1581 images)
-D82 (8250 images)
-T64 (C64 tape images)

The file sorting should be turned off (Ctrl-F7), to get the original sorting

With the T64 image format the file size info in the TC window has the unit
"bytes". With all other formats this unit is "blocks".

With an active setting for scratched files these will be shown as hidden files.

-read / write / extract files from/to the image
-create D64 images with 35 tracks (Alt-F5 + D64)
-deleting of files (currently only with 35 track images)
-replace illegal file characters with '_' ( \ / : * ? " < > | )
45 KB - Автор: Loo - Обновлен: 26.02.2015 - x32/x64 - Количество скачиваний: 17863

D64 0.2

Плагин работает с образами дисков Commodore 1541 (.D64), используемыми в большинстве эмуляторов Commodore 8-bit(C64+C128, Plus4), как с архивами и позволяет просматривать содержимое D64-файлов и извлекать из них PRG-файлы
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