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PassStore 0.61

.This plugin lets you store and manage all your passwords (mail, site,
forum, etc) in a safe way.
Passwords are protected by a master password that is used during the
encyption/decryption process.

. Enhanced protection using CEditSecureEx from Dominik Reichl (KeePass Author)
. Uses SH1 for Master password
. Uses Password Based Key derivation create 128 bit key
. Uses AES (Rijndael) for encryption/decryption 128bit key
. URL Field Features like Keepass(c)
. Automatic Database Lock
. Data stored in a xml file
. URL allows to open web sites, programs, programs with params, launch by extension
. Manage you entries like a File System (Copy, rename, move,Find, create dir, delete dir/entry).
Faster than mouse oriented solutions.
. All your data stored in a XML file. You can store it in wherever you want.
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