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Unofficial Polish translation TC 7.55b3

Unofficial Polish translation for Total Commander 7.5x contains completely rewritten language files (for interface, menus and commands) for upcoming Total Commander 7.55.

Nieoficjalne polskie tłumaczenie dla TC 7.5x

Pliki językowe dla wersji 7.55 aplikacji Total Commander. Zestaw zawiera tłumaczenie interfejsu aplikacji, jak i nowe menu oraz opis poleceń.
34 KB - Автор: fenixproductions - Обновлен: 30.04.2010 - x32 - Количество скачиваний: 5245

Fenix icons library 0.1

Icons pack for Total Commander 7.5.

Package contains about 320 icons for almost all of the commands.
127 KB - Автор: fenixproductions - Обновлен: 11.07.2009 - x32 - Количество скачиваний: 13750

EmptyWDX 0.0.2

EmptyWDX is content plugin which shows information about files availability in specified folders.

It supports wildcards and regular expressions search. It also allows to have up to 20 customizable fields.

This plugin supersedes WDXContains.
69 KB - Автор: fenixproductions - Обновлен: 11.07.2009 - x32 - Количество скачиваний: 6423


Plugin is dicontinued.
For newer version, please take a look at:
Office 2007.wlx plugin allows to view Microsoft Office 2007 files (DOCX, PPSX, PPTX, XLSX) as plain text in lister window.

Headers and footers are not displayed yet.

MS Office 2007 is not required for this plugin to work!
134 KB - Автор: fenixproductions - Обновлен: 14.03.2009 - x32 - Количество скачиваний: 77906

Office2007wdx 0.0.3

Content plugin which allows the user to see Microsoft Office 2007 XML documents properties.

Supported general fields are:

- Category, ContentStatus, ContentType, Created, Creator, Description, Identifier, Keywords, Language, LastModifiedBy, LastPrinted, Modified, Revision, Subject, Title, Version;

Supported application specific fields:

- AppVersion, Application, Characters, CharactersWithSpaces, Company, DigitalSig, DigitalSigExt, DocSecurityLevel, HiddenSlides, HyperlinkBase, HyperlinksChanged, Lines, LinksUpToDate, MMClips, Manager, Notes, Pages, Paragraphs, PresentationFormat, ScaleCrop, SharedDoc, Slides, Template, TotalTime, TotalTimeMin, Words, Titles*, Content*;

By default only four extensions are set (DOCX, PPSX, PPTX, XLSX) but you can add more via wincmd.ini file.

*) Titles and Content fields can be used for search only!
257 KB - Автор: fenixproductions - Обновлен: 11.03.2009 - x32 - Количество скачиваний: 13655

SVGwlx 0.0.2

This plugin allows to view SVG / SVGZ files thumbnails.

For proper work it requires Inkscape (which converts SVG to temporary PNG).

Please remember to set valid Inkscape path in INI file.
337 KB - Автор: fenixproductions - Обновлен: 12.02.2009 - x32 - Количество скачиваний: 10416

SVGwdx 0.0.1

SVGwdx plugin allows to view SVG files properties.

Supported fields are:
- SVG version, Application, xmlns-sodipodi, xmlns-inkscape, width, height, id, sodipodi-version, inkscape-version, sodipodi-docbase, sodipodi-docname, viewBox;

Tested with OpenClipArtLibrary (~8000 files) and seems to work fine but if you experience some bugs, please, send me problematic SVG file.
149 KB - Автор: fenixproductions - Обновлен: 12.02.2009 - x32 - Количество скачиваний: 7132


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