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TCM as MSI installation 7.50a

This setup is nothing else that C. Ghislers TotalCommander application - as a MSI installation routine.
This is not (!) the official setup from C. Ghisler but a rebuild one, based on the Microsoft Windows Installer technologie.

This means that if you have any installation issues don't bother C. Ghisler as he is neither responsible for that setup, nor does he can help for installation issues.

If you experience any program issues or you need help for the TotalCommander application have a look at www.ghisler.com - check appropriate forum.

If you have any suggestions what plugins you might want to have added as a feature to the MSI setup let me know.

Total Commander Application Version: 7.50a
MSI Package Revision: 00
4357 KB - Автор: Hans Birnstiel - Обновлен: 23.01.2010 - x32 - Количество скачиваний: 7119


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