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TCMetadataViewer 2.0

TCMetadataViewer is an addon for TC for viewing (and editing) metadata, which can be embedded in many file types (e.g. EXIF information in pictures, which are taken with a digicam). TCMetadataViewer doesn't extract these metadata itself, but needs the external tool ExifTool for reading (and writing) them.
Additionally, TCMetadataViewer shows a preview on image files. TCMetadataViewer itself supports only BMP, JPG and (not-animated) GIF files. In order to provide previews on more file types, TCMetadataViewer optionally (configurable) uses the external tool IrfanView, NConvert or ImageMagick for generating preview images.

TCMetadataViewer.exe is a compiled version of the AutoIt3 script TCMetadataViewer.au3. This script is written for AutoIt3 V3.3.4.0. TCMetadataViewer.exe is a standalone executable and doesn't need an installed AutoIt3.

TCMetadataViewer trys to simulate / to act like a lister plugin's quickview. It opens a borderless window, which fits into and overlays one of both file panels. When TC's main window is moved or the file panel with the pseudo quickview is resized, TCMetadataViewer's window will readjusted automatically.

TCMetadataViewer shows the metadata and a preview image for the file, which is focussed in TC in the opposite file panel. When the name or the path of the focussed file changes (e.g. by navigating the filelist with Down/Up or by changing the directory), then TCMetadataViewer's view will be refreshed.

The Executable (TCMetadataViewer.exe), source code (TCMetadataViewer.au3) and a (almost finished, but slightly out-dated) ReadMe file (poor english) are included

Note: Version 2.0 of TCMetadataViewer isn't a final release but rather a snapshot build. But it should be stable enough for daily use.
Note: Image is from old version v1.2
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SetFolderDate 1.5

Set timestamp of folders and archives from newest/oldest file inside. Set timestamp of files from filename or metadata.
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