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Java Plugin Interface 1.7

This Interface makes it possible to write Total Commander plugins (WLX and WFX, WDX and WCX) in Java.
Please send me your self-made plugin examples, suggestions and feedback.

Java API Documentation
Change Notes
The Plugin Writers Guide
My eMail
My Homepage

* All plugins share the same virtual machine.
* Each plugin is loaded by the PluginClassLoader
* Installation with Total Commander, simply extract archive with Total Commander (requires TC 6.5 or newer)
* Java Exception Handling in native code
* Java debugging with chainsaw

Required Java Software

First install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 Update 2
Please use the latest available Java version,
because i want to use new Java features in my plugin examples.

Then click on Download Button and install javalib and extract to the Total Commander Installation directory (e.g. C:/Program files/Totalcmd7).
Then you have javalib sub-directory required by any of the plugins.

If JRE and javalib are installed, then go to the Java Plugin Examples Page
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