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TC Jad - Java Decompiler Plugin 1.1

JAD Lister plugin for Java binary .class files. Uses jad to decompile the .class file and displays the resulted code highlighted in TC Lister window.

- View any java .class file decompiled by jad in TC Lister window
- The code is highlighted, selectable and searchable as the plugin uses the default Lister window so all other default Lister functions are available
- The source is opened and included in tc_jad_plugin_1.0.1.zip
- Fast as it is written in C++
- Win XP/Vista/7 and TC x32/x64 compatible

Easy to install - just open the zip in Total Commander or follow the instructions in README.txt file for manual installation

421 KB - Автор: eSandrei - Обновлен: 17.06.2012 - x32/x64 - Количество скачиваний: 14959


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