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Total Commander extDir (Utility)

Extended directory creator utility (F7 replacement) for Total Commander.

What is it good for?

In a few words: This small utility extends your Total Commander's directory creating capabilities - after installing it, you can create a bunch of (even multi-leveled) directories with a single click, with numerous possibilities...

Main Features:

- [ NEW / 1.6 ] Ability to create your own plugins (special variables)
- [ NEW / 1.6 ] Ability to set the directory attributes
- [ NEW / 1.6 ] Batch directory creation (Decimal / Roman / ABC)
- Normal & Extended directory creation mode
- Full integration to Total Commander (F7, Shift + F7, or any other key combination)
- Support for multi-leveled directory creation (create directories with more than one subdirs)
- Templates - create directory with predefined templates (e.g. "New Directory (%D-%N-%y)")
- Replacements: use environment variables (like %OS% or %USERNAME%) in the name of the directory
- Basic & special variables: use vars like %s (current second), %h (current hour), %x (unix time), {pc} (current PC name) etc
- Built-in installer & uninstaller for easier usage (run the utility out of TC's directory to activate the installator)
- Multi-language support (Translators needed: click here if you'd like to translate the utility to your (native) language)
- English, Hungarian, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, German, Danish, Chinese, Ukrainian & Korean language support (built-in)
- Configuration & Template Manager dialogs
- 6 built-in window color themes (optional)
- Ability to create & use your own color themes (more info on the forum)
- Realtime replacements (optional)
- Full portability
- ... and much more! (see the complete list at the official forum topic)


- >= Total Commander 7.00 (heavily tested under 7.56a & 8.01)

Known bugs, limitations:

- Installation problems? Run this utility with administrator rights directly from Total Commander (out of Total Commander's directory)
- Limitation: lack of Unicode support atm (unicode version is already under development)
- Complete documentation will be ready in the final 1.6.5 version!

Категория: Утилиты
Статус: freeware
Автор: Bluestar
Добавлен: 10.10.2011
Обновлен: 24.12.2013
Количество скачиваний: 22767

Total Commander extDir (Utility)

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