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Total Updater (Final)

Total Commander & plugin updater.

What is it good for?

Total Updater is a small tool that helps you to keep your Total Commander & its plugins up-to-date.

Main Features:

- [NEW!] Support downloading files directly from SkyDrive (from 0.8.5)
- [NEW!] Install TC & upgrade its downloaded plugins (may need admin rights)
- [NEW!] Self-updating mechanism (may need admin rights)
- [NEW!] Support downloading over SSL: you simply need to put "libeay32.dll" and "ssleay32.dll" files to the utility's directory (DL: x86 / x64)
- Multilingual support with a bunch of supported built-in languages
(English, Chinese Simplified, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian)
- List all of the currently installed plugins / addons / utilities
- Advanced version detection routine: detect version even if embedded verinfo field doesn't exists
- Advanced version compare routine: compare the files based on local&online version and date (if update found), to minimize the number of false alarms
- Check latest online versions of all the plugins & tools by a single click
- Download selected / marked plugins quickly & easily
- Internal Plugin Database, which helps the utility to detect the plugins online ID based on filename
- You can add custom new items to UserDB (just search their ID on totalcmd.net, and they're going to override the matching original DB entry)
- You can simply click on "Marked items" / "Confirm updatable item(s) as latest" to avoid false alarms
- Display additional info of every plugin by double-clicking on it (in English / Russian language - based on system's current locale)
- Infobox feature - display verinfo & icon of each plugin (right click on the list & choose Show Infobox)
- Exclude from list option
- Full Unicode support
- Portability
- ... and much more!


- Basically any Total Commander version (heavily tested under 7.57a & 8.01)

Translators needed:

Do you feel you could translate this utility to your (native) language? It's actually pretty easy - just download this language file, unzip & open it with Notepad (or any other lightweight text editor), then post the finished work on the official forum / mail me, and your language file will be available in the next public version.

A simple guide to correctly fill a new UserDB entry:
Click here for the image (you simply need to find a plugin's webID on totalcmd.net using Search).

Official Forum topic: click here
Please report all the bugs and "Unknown." entries in your list (Ctrl + Shift + C to copy their data to clipboard).
Suggestions and feature requests are also very welcomed.
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Total Commander extDir (Utility)

Extended directory creator utility (F7 replacement) for Total Commander.

What is it good for?

In a few words: This small utility extends your Total Commander's directory creating capabilities - after installing it, you can create a bunch of (even multi-leveled) directories with a single click, with numerous possibilities...

Main Features:

- [ NEW / 1.6 ] Ability to create your own plugins (special variables)
- [ NEW / 1.6 ] Ability to set the directory attributes
- [ NEW / 1.6 ] Batch directory creation (Decimal / Roman / ABC)
- Normal & Extended directory creation mode
- Full integration to Total Commander (F7, Shift + F7, or any other key combination)
- Support for multi-leveled directory creation (create directories with more than one subdirs)
- Templates - create directory with predefined templates (e.g. "New Directory (%D-%N-%y)")
- Replacements: use environment variables (like %OS% or %USERNAME%) in the name of the directory
- Basic & special variables: use vars like %s (current second), %h (current hour), %x (unix time), {pc} (current PC name) etc
- Built-in installer & uninstaller for easier usage (run the utility out of TC's directory to activate the installator)
- Multi-language support (Translators needed: click here if you'd like to translate the utility to your (native) language)
- English, Hungarian, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, German, Danish, Chinese, Ukrainian & Korean language support (built-in)
- Configuration & Template Manager dialogs
- 6 built-in window color themes (optional)
- Ability to create & use your own color themes (more info on the forum)
- Realtime replacements (optional)
- Full portability
- ... and much more! (see the complete list at the official forum topic)


- >= Total Commander 7.00 (heavily tested under 7.56a & 8.01)

Known bugs, limitations:

- Installation problems? Run this utility with administrator rights directly from Total Commander (out of Total Commander's directory)
- Limitation: lack of Unicode support atm (unicode version is already under development)
- Complete documentation will be ready in the final 1.6.5 version!
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Total Updater - Plugin database (Update only) [581b223/29.03.2015]

Total Updater IPD (Internal Plugin Database) - Update only
NOTE: Download it using Total Updater only!

You can download the latest Total Updater from the following link:

Package contains:
- the latest Internal Plugin Database for Total Updater (to help the utility search for online IDs of the local plugins)
- the latest additional checksum database (to help TU correctly recognize problematic plugin versions)
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