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Total Commander

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Веб-сайт: http://www.hc-ddr.hucki.net

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lister plugin, shows content of Emulator files for GDR 8-bit homecomputers Z9001, KC85, KC87.
- used filetypes are TAP, KCC, SSS, ZBS.
- decodes Basic, Basicode, Forth, Assembler, Text
- converts between TAP and KCC Format
- with source (Delphi 5)
- more Information (in german) at http://hc-ddr.hucki.net/wiki/doku.php/programme:tc_listtap
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cpmimg 0.7

simple plugin to read and write CP/M formatted floppy disks and disk images like DSK, teledisk and others.

you can find a german description on

based on fdrawcmd, libdsk, cpmtools and ScriptWFX.

with sources!
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